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Developing Leaders event at Feed My Starving Children facility with a check of $4000 presented


NAIOP Texas in Washington, DC

Left to right: Senator Ted Cruz, Macey Davis (NAIOP North Texas), Jeff Thornton, (NAIOP North Texas), Jon Napper (NAIOP North Texas), Edward Griffin (NAIOP Houston), Senator John Cornyn


Thanks to another successful Comedy Night, the NAIOP Developing Leaders made a significant donation to Trigger’s Toys and Our Children’s House at Baylor!

Trigger’s Toys Charity’s purpose is to provide toys to all area hospitalized children through the uses of Trigger (handsome dog in the picture below) and Animal Assisted dogs like him within local area hospitals.

Left to Right: Peter Cavazos, Dana Walsh, Bryan Townsend, Trigger, Brett McMillan, Lisa Brinser, Bobby Weinberg, Jennifer Weems, Curt Hefner

Our Developing Leaders (DL) program was created to keep your career on track and connect you with your local peer group and local leaders in our profession!

CareerForward with North Texas NAIOP

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NAIOP North Texas chapter leaders attend the Legislative Conference in Washington DC, February 2013

Left to Right: Al Sorrels, President; Glenn Callison, Legislative Chair; Jon Napper, Past President; Ralph Heins, Past President


The Developing Leaders group collected toys for the Dallas Childrens Advocacy Center at their December 2012 event

Left to Right: Steve Grant, Kimley Horn; Lynn Davis, DCAC; Brett McMillan, Vantage Companies


NAIOP Conference in Washington DC, February 2012

From left to right: Al Sorrels, Majestic Realty; Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX)